BCCC Herding Instinct Certified Beardies

The test used by the BCCC to determine herding instinct assesses a Beardie's interest, biddability, power, approach to and grouping of stock, balancing stock to the handler, as well as thier style, amount of eye and wearing. The test is similar to those used across North America by many organizations and Clubs.

The BCCC will grant reciprocity of test results to BCCC members who have had their Beardie tested elsewhere by a test equivalent to the BCCC test and wish to have the results recorded by the BCCC.

BCCC Herding Instinct Certified (HIC) Beardies:

Aug. 15, 1987
Tested: Jim Clarke

Ch.Classical Mystique
Ch.Benbecula's Crystal D'Arque
Ch.Amulree Pennygael Birkhill CDX
Ch. Birkhill's Super Trooper

August 13, 1989
Tester: Evelyn Neuendorff

Bedlam's Ringleader at Madigan
Ch. Mardeck's Doc Holiday Blues
Sheiling's Seafoam Shenanigan
Raggmopp Raggtime
Ch. Classical's Play a Rhapsody
Mistymor's Cairngorm Blaze
Ch. Classical's Fine State of Affairs
Whistlewalk's Dirty Dancing
Ch. Britannia Love Me Do
Ch. Mardeck's Forget Me Not
Mardeck's Sweet William Blue
Ch. Raggmopp Keepsake
Ch. Jobob Raggmopp Windwhistle
Ch. Britannia Ticket To Ride

May 24, 25, 26, 1996
Tester: Ann Witte

Can.Am.Ch. Amberlea's Legacy
Ch. Auldscotia Forever Young
Autumnlane Keltie Highland Lady
Autumnlane's Mysty Blue Storm
Autumnlane's Strong and Free
Autumnlane's Bailey Wick
Autumnlane's Blue Chip Stock
Autumnlane's Premiere Edition
Autumnlane's Lady Rebecca
Cameron's Kincurran Kelsey
Cameron's Black Pudding
Cameron's Braes Ballochimyle
Ceilidh's Highland Blue Shona
Can.Am.Ch. Classical Mystique
Ch. Classical Dowry For Auldscotia
Ch. Classical's Rock Steady
Ch. Classical Windfiddler Dizzo
Classical's Silverado
Glenmead Sterling Cassandra
Kincurran Just Remember This
Mardeck's Lady Song Tyme
Melville Lady of the Chapel
Merlin's Phoenix
Pinewood April Song Maggie May
Raggmopp Rags to Riches
Ch. Romar Windwhistle Ami Pour Vie
Ch. Romar Windwhistle Brigadoon
Romar Windwhistle Barnaby
Romar Windwhistle Autumn Glory
Romar Windwhistle Ayr Amelia
Romar Windwhistle Brave Heart
Romar Windwhistle Amazing Star
Romar Windwhistle Beaudacious
Ch. Sheiling's Keep The Faith
Sheiling's Dreams of a Child
Sheiling's We Rise Again
Venham's Best Kept Secret
Ch. Venham's Breath of a Scandal
Windheath Wild Spice
Windheath's Extra Spicy
Windheath's Spice of Life
Windheath's Northland Spice
Windwhistle Raggmopp Capriolet
Windwhistle Frequent Flyer

June 30, 1996
Tester: Julie Deegan

Ch. Pentangle's Glad Tidings
Ch. Skye's Kindred Spirit
Ch. Skye's Flights of Fancy
Five Fields Taran Glas
Ch. Autumnlane's Abigail
Autumnlane's True Blue
Artisan Northstar
Ch. Britannia Berry Berry Nice
Pentangle's Highland Banner
Edmar My Own Sweet Patsch
Bandera-Stirling Wayward Wind
Ch. Rallentando Razzle Dazzle 'Em

Herding instict tet with sheep, beardie and owner.

July 6, 1996
Tester: Ruth Clark

Dovmar's Moonlight Memories
Cameron's Blue Claymore
Strathearn's Sweet Mindy
Sheiling's Secret Inspiration

July 6, 1996
Tester: Jim Clark

Ch. Strathearn's Leading Lady

July 7, 1996
Tester: Heather Cox

Kincurran's Paddington
Classical's Country Star
Ch. Classical Double Trouble
Pinewood Calvin
Ch. Classical's Cosmopolitan

May 29, 30, 31, 1998
Tester: Ann Witte

Ashberry Hot’n’Spicy
Autumnlane Golly Miss Molly
Autumnlane’s Sterling Shadow
Autumnlane’s L’il Miss Lulu
Autumnlane’s Tip of the Hat
Autumnlane’s Tuff Stuff Sterling
Bedlam’s Embraceable Ewe
Carluke Raggmopp Gracie Fields
Colledge Rumours of Glory
Darrowby’s Love Me Tender
Darrowby’s Gromit
Jobob Raggmopp Windwhistle
Meadows’ Naughty and Nice
Radagast’s Macbeth
Romar Windwhistle Amazing Star
Romar Windwhistle Crystal Star
Romar Windwhistle Copper Cloud
Romar Windwhistle Chasin’Boone
Romar Windwhistle Celtic Dream
Sally’s Field Dream
Sheiling’s Spirit After D’Arque
Strathearn Sweet Cameo
Strathearn’s Leading Lady
Strathearn’s Aiming to Please
Windheath Magic Maverick
Windheath’s Lively Spirit
Windwhistle Beam Me Up Scottie

August 22, 23, 24, 2003
Tester: Randy Kelly

Ch. Autumnlane's Strong And Free
Autumnlane's Sweet Surrender
Ch. Balimor's Classical Elegance
Ch. Pattishawl Causin Applause
Romar's Jazz Singer
Romar's Never Ending Story
Romar's Just For Me
Romar's Inspiration
Romar's Nobody's Fool
Romar's Nayeli
Romar's Krazy For You
Romar's Everyone Loves A Clown
Romar's Laird Llewellyn
Romar's Never Enough
Romar's Jump And Fly
Sheiling Angelic Ties
Sheiling Windheath Angel Eyes

September 28, 2003
Tester: Shannon Wolfe

Sheiling Awesome Angel


August 9, 2004
Tester: Sue Jewell

Cameron's Blue Stilton
Chantilly Great Expectations
Kincurran's Montgomery
Madigan Foolproof
Romar's Quaint Airdrie Lass
Sheiling Touched By An Angel
XTC's Stirling Silver Robert

April 29, 2007
Tester: Sue Jewell

Kincurran Dancing Queen
Kincurran’s Highland Magic
Strathearn’s Count Me In
Ch. Nonesuch Going the Distance
Madigan's Abracadabra
Ch. Darrowby's Our First Tri
Romar's Very Special Gift

July 1, 2007
TesterL Sue Jewell

Fivefields Orlagh of Brennan
Kincurran Skirl o’the Pipes
Sheiling Sugar Dreams
Kincurran’s Apple of my Eye
Kincurran That Would be Kent

October 12, 2007
Tester: Randy Kelly

Ch. Wysum Knight Dreamweaver

July 1, 2008
Tester: Sue Jewell

Ch. Autumnlane's Welsh Lore, CD
Nonesuch D'arque Black Sensation
Romar's Your Mine & Ours
Artisan Forest Frost at Chetcote
Ch. Chetcote Dottie's Dream
Chetcote Little Miss Sunshine
Chetcote The Conquerer
Romar's Doin What Comes Natur'lly
Kincurran's Celtic Legend
Romar's Destined for Glory
Dreamchaser Here Comes the Sun
Dreamchaser Roll Up the Rim
Dreamchaser's First Edition
Ch. Auldscotia Truly Madly Deeply
Auldscotia Sweet Emotion

August 10, 2009
Tester: Nathalie Labelle

Romar's Highland Glory
Ch. Romar's Sweet Bailey
Ch. Cameron's Mickey Blue Eyes
Ch. Dreamchaser More Than A Memory
Dreamchaser Southern Comfort

Ocotber 3, 2009
Tester: Sue Jewell

Cameron's Bouncing To The Beat

May 29, 2010
Tester: Nathalie Labelle

Dovmar's Strike A Pose
CH Dovmar's Man Of Style

June 16, 2010
Tester: Ann Witte

Patrizja's Memory of A Friend

June 26, 2010
Tester: Renée Worringer, Steve Worringer

Ch. Chetcote The Stargazer
Chetcote Cuchulainn
Ch. Chetcote The Aristocrat
Chetcote Enchanted
Ch. Classical's In The Limelight
Ch. Classical's Mystic Enchantment
Classical's Playin' With Fire
Ch. Classical's Wonderful Won
Ch. Dreamchaser More Than A Memory
Dreamchaser I Believe
Kincurran Skirl O'The Pipes
Kincurran's Super Trouper
Larkslane's Briez On By
Romar's Xanadu
Romar's Fabulous in Black
Ch. Romar's Inside Straight Draw
Sheiling Sugar Dreams

June 2010
Tester: Brian Wistrom

Ch. Baileysong He's The One

September 18, 2010
Tester: Sue Jewell

Ch Baileysong Bella Luna
Bonniebairn's Classical Woman
Chantilly Dust Incredible
Ch Classical's Gentle Ben CGN
Ch Classical Lady Katherine of Earnescliffe
Ch Classical Precious Pearl
Darrowby's I Walk The Line
Kirriemuir's Celtic Charm
Kincurran's Good Karma
Ch Larkslane's Darling Lilly
Larkslane Figment Of My Dreams
Larkslane's Izin't She Lovely
Romar's Join The Party
Webster Arnel Never Walk Alone
Windheath Angelic Reflection

August 28, 2011
Tester: Nathalie Labelle

Dreamchaser Strathearn Soulmate
Dovmar's Follow your Heart

August 25, 2012
Tester: Nathalie Labelle

Dovmars Simply The Best
Dovmars Made To Order


September 30, 2012
Tester: Sue Jewell

Ch. XTCS Fabulous Enchanted Caramel

July 15, 2014, July 21, 2014
Tester: Victoria Lamont

Auldscotia Monarch O'The Glen
GHCh. Lum-Bi-Ni Hopeful Heloise
Nonesuch Startin' A Sensation At Aspenvale
GCh.Papaw Jump For Joy Of Auldscotia
Papaw Tailwind This One's Mine
Romar's Attitude Plus
Romar's Inspector Gerneral
Sweetwater's Summer Soul-Stice

May 8, 2016
Tester: Nathalie Labelle

Estrella's Tyme Flies

November 10, 2018
Tester: Kathy Warner

Artisan Halloween Gremlin
Britannia Love Is'N The Air
Cameron's Bannockburn BettyAnn
Cameron's Glory Dayz
Cameron's Morning Glory
Cameron's Pippin Fawn
Ch. Cameron's Moving Violations
Ch. Cameron's Road To Glory
Chetcote Coco Chanel
Chetcote Country Girl
Chetcote Kiss Me Kate
Dreamchaser Boodacious
Merlin's Black Magic
Ch. Romar A Penny For Your Thought
Romar's Attitude Plus
Romar's Highland Glory
Romar's Wonderful  Wicked  Wendy
Ch. Westerode's Rock Me Amadeus
UKC Ch. Westerode's Rebel Heart

April 28, 2019
Tester: Kristin Thomson

Brandmar’s Rallentando
Ragtyme Safe and Sound
Rallentando Raven
Rallentando Rhyme       
Tiffany’s Fergus
Tiffany’s Sassy Sorceress

May 26, 2019
Tester: Sue Jewell

Blackfriar Buckram Shepherd of The Blue Moon

September 8, 2019
Tester: Sue Jewell

Merlin's Brown Sugar

September 12, 2020
Tester: Kathy Warner

Auldscotia Stormin The Creek To Willow

September 18, 2020
Tester: Sue Jewell

Ch  Rhosown’s Celebrating Our Flag 

Novvember 14, 2021
Tester: Genevieve Benard

Moonstone C'Mon Son (stock: geese)

July 13, 2022
Tester: Nathalie Labelle

Moonstone C'Mon Son (stock: sheep)

July 17, 2023
Tester: Kristin Thomson

Gr. Ch. Addlees First Lady at Tiffany
Balverle's Drink It Neat
Briarpatch Heart Will Tell
Full Moon Kelkary Straight From The Heart
Headline's It's Party Time