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The BCCC Rescue Program

The BCCC Rescue Program was formed in order to help Beardies in need and give neglected, abandoned, or unwanted Beardies a chance at a happy future.

If you know of a Beardie in need of assistance, contact:

BCCC National Rescue Coordinators:

Debra Quadland
229 Norwich Rd., RR#2,
Scotland, ON   N0E 1R0
Email: Debra Quadland
Lisa Danchuk,
283 St Johns Road East
Simcoe, ON    N3Y 4K2
Phone: 1-226-920-3301
*Please text to contact me.*
Email: Lisa Danchuk
If you are interested in adopting a Rescue Beardie, please complete the Adoption Application Form. You may print the form, complete and mail it to the Rescue Coordinator or you may download the form, complete it on your computer, save the file to you desktop, then email it to the Rescue Coordinator.
If you are a Beardie owner unable to keep your dog any longer, please contact your dog's breeder first if possible. Responsible breeders care very much about the fate of their pups and should be willing to take back a dog of their breeding and try to find it a new home. If your dog's breeder isn't known, or if they can't or won't take the dog back, please contact Beardie Rescue.

Rescue Beardies Currently Looking For Homes

UPDATE: December 3, 2017
Ally has found her forever home!

Can you help us find Ally her forever home?


Ally is a (mostly) Beardie mix. Roughly 8 years old. She is a happy girl who needs an active lifestyle.  Not much is known about Ally's background except that she came into rescue as an owner surrender – her folks had become too old to care for her & unfortunately no-one else in their family could commit. We do know that she was raised in a farm setting & quite likely had free run of the property.

Since being surrendered, she has been brought up to date on all vaccines, has been micro-chipped, we have run a full blood work up on her & she has received a clean bill of health from the vet. Her teeth are in very good shape & Ally is completely recovered from a surgery to remove the end of her tail. You see, she is so darn happy that she's an obsessive tail-wagger & would routinely whack her tail on surrounding walls etc to the point it would split open & bleed.

We made every effort to heal it, but in the end it was decided that the best course of action would be to remove the end of her tail as it just could not heal & started showing signs of the tissue dying.

When Ally was surrendered, she arrived with another dog who was subsequently adopted before we met them. Other than her original companion, Ally does not seem to be able to play nicely with others – even my most laid back fellow was unable to win her over, so it is likely best if Ally is in a home as an only pet. She would be best suited for a home with mature, experienced owner(s) & if children are involved, they should be older children 12+. Ally is very unreliable around cats & small animals – she did not harm the cats here, but did enjoy giving chase & on a couple occasions, did attempt to pick the cats up – which did not amuse either of them in the least!

She will need a home where she is routinely mentally & physically stimulated as she has become accustomed to lots of running & roaming. She has proven to be very creative in her efforts to get free of confinement attempts & should be considered an escape artist. She is also protective of her food around other animals. She does very well as the centre of attention & does enjoy pleasing her people. She is very agile & would likely do very well in a training regime.

Allie-3     Allie-3

If you are interested in Ally or know someone who may be, you can reach either Deb Quadland or myself – Lisa Danchuk, through the BCCC rescue links -


UPDATE: July 15, 2013: Zoe and Kelly have found their forever home.

Thank you to all who showed interest in the well-being of these two girls!

Kelly & Zoe are littermates, sweet beardie girls that need a new forever home.
They will be 11 in July but you would never guess their age!

When they came to us they had severe dental issues. After dental surgery, both are so much happier now & are eating fine.
We had to shave them down as they were also both matted to the skin. They seem to love their new haircuts too!

They are litter-mates & have been together their whole lives. They are very bonded to each other so we don't want to separate them. We feel that it would be too traumatic for them to not be together.

We know if you meet them you will fall in love with them!!!

Kelly and Zoe
Kelly and Zoe
Update: May 20, 2013
Woodie has found his forever home!
Woody   Woody   Woody

Woodie has shown himself to be outgoing and confident, enjoys meeting people and playing obedience games with his person.

He likes cheese and liver treats. He enjoys going to the vet for a pawdicure or checkup, he likes to be groomed by his person.

He enjoys walks in the countryside or the city and loves to browse at the pet store.

At home he settles into a routine easily and while he may comment when his person leaves, he will settle nicely in his crate and patiently waits for your return.

Woodie is a resource guarder, so he will require a home that is willing to manage the resource guarding and work on a behaviour modification program to resolve the issue as best one can. Ongoing obedience work is a must for Woodie and his new home!

Woodie should not be with a person who wants to go to the park and have him play freely with other dogs, but would do well with a person who enjoys going to a good training school where the trainer will take his natural tendencies into consideration.

He should not be with a family that has small children, cats or dogs. They must be willing to train him and manage his behaviour with the help of a qualified trainer.



UPDATE: October 7, 2011
Huggles has found her forever home!!

ATTENTION: British Columbia Beardie Lovers!
Huggles is an 8 year old spayed blue Bearded Collie looking for a home in BC.  She needs someone who is patient and can boost her confidence.  Huggles is happiest indoors and in the car but has a fear of the outdoors.  She is overcoming that fear with patience and kindness.  Huggles cannot be flown therefore she needs to find a home in BC with a person who will come to pick her up. 
Huggles grew up with cats and loves them.  She likes the Beardies at her Foster Home.  However, to become the happy Beardie we know she could be, she would benefit by being the only dog. 
Huggles has food allergies that are under control with Veterinarian prescribed MediCal Hypoallergenic HP food.  This loving, sweet girl needs someone of her own who can help her blossom into a tail wagging happy Bearded Collie.


UPDATE: September 17, 2011
Brandy has found his forever home. We wish Brandy and his new family much happiness and joy.

September 6, 2011
Brandy is a 9 year old neutered Bearded Collie. His gentle nature makes him an excellent companion. Like any other dog, he will require proper food and exercise, but Brandy is overweight therefore exercise and proper nutrition are especially important to ensure his good health. Brandy is well behaved and very good natured. If you have room in your heart and in your home for this very sweet boy and have the time to give him the TLC that he deserves,


What Do Rescue Beardies Look Like?

Alfie before shaving
Alfie before shaving
Alfie after shaving
Alfie after shaving
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