BCCC Code of Ethics

A code of ethics is based on principles and values to guide behaviour and is related to that which it addresses. The BCCC Code of Ethics addresses the welfare, preservation and promotion of the Bearded Collie at home and while participating in activities. It is expected that all BCCC members abide by this Code of Ethics.

 Code of Ethics:

As a member of the Bearded Collie Club of Canada I fully endorse and agree to abide by the following Code of Ethics.

General Code of Ethics

  1. Abide by and uphold the principles of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Bearded Collie Club of Canada and applicable Rules and Regulations of the Canadian Kennel Club.
  2. Have the welfare of their Bearded Collie(s) foremost in mind and never knowingly or willingly do anything that compromises their wellbeing.
  3. Provide all suitable and necessary shelter, nourishment, grooming, exercise, health protection and veterinary care.
  4. Consider spaying or neutering companion dogs that are not shown in breed competition or that are not of suitable quality for breeding purposes. In consultation with their veterinarian, owners should weigh potential health concerns related to spaying/neutering against their responsibility to ensure unwanted pregnancies are avoided. Owners must ensure their dogs are not allowed to wander loose and that females are segregated whilst in season..
  5. Exercise good sportsmanship when exhibiting or competing in, or spectating at, dog shows, trials or other events.
  6. Never publicly slander or otherwise malign other BCCC members, a member’s dogs, judges or other persons involved in activities within the dog fancy.
  7. Accept and respect the official Breed Standard as established by the Bearded Collie Club of Canada and adopted by the Canadian Kennel Club.
  8. Never sell, give or trade a Bearded Collie to a pet shop, business, laboratory, broker, dealer or to anyone known to sell to such enterprises. Neither will members offer Bearded Collies as prizes for raffles auctions or other events.
  9. Never abandon or place their Bearded Collie(s) in a shelter, pound, SPCA or other Humane Society. If circumstances dictate that they can no longer keep or care for their Bearded Collie(s), a member shall first make every effort to contact their dog’s breeder for assistance in finding a suitable new home. If the breeder cannot or will not help, the member shall advise the BCCC Executive who will request that the BCCC Breeder Referral Coordinator or the BCCC Rescue Coordinator assist in placing the dog(s)

Members Who Breed
The central goal of any breeding should be to contribute to the overall improvement of the breed and not financial gain.
The following should be adhered to:

  1. Be familiar with and keep up to date on genetic    health concerns that relate to Bearded Collies.
  2. Strive to breed Bearded Collies that meet the Breed Standard.
  3. Ensure that they have the necessary time, facilities, access to veterinary services and resources to properly care for the bitch and expected litter from the time of mating until the puppies are released to their new homes.
  4. Require in their stud dog contract that owners of bitches serviced by their stud dog comply with the BCCC Code of Ethics, whether or not the bitch is member owned. (Other than section 17, if the bitch owner is non-Canadian.
  5. Ensure all breeding stock has been tested prior to mating and holds as a minimum:
    1. A final test result after reaching 24 months of age clearance for Hip Dysplasia (OFA or equivalent),
    2. A current, within 1 year of mating, clearance for eye conditions (OFA or equivalent),
    3. A current, within 1 year of mating, clearance for thyroid function (OFA or equivalent).
  6. Mate only mature Bearded Collies which are sound in health and temperament and exhibit correct breed type and are :
    1. A minimum of 2 years of age
    2. A maximum of 8 years of age in bitches, unless cleared by a veterinarian after an evaluation of their physical condition and consideration of the number, size and spacing of their previous litters or matings. No bitch should be required to have more than 4 litters in her lifetime.
  7. Consider the placement of their puppies seriously, and carefully screen prospective purchasers to find the most suitable homes.
  8. Comply with the provisions of the Animal Pedigree Act and the By-Laws of the CKC regarding registration and transfer of ownership of purebred puppies.
  9. Provide purchasers with written sales contract identifying the dog as a purebred Bearded Collie and specifying the conditions of sale and the guarantees provided, along with proof of health tests carried out on both parents.
  10. Accept the return of, or assist in re-homing, Bearded Collies they have bred, should the situation arise. If approached by a buyer for assistance in placing a dog, the breeder shall offer to:
    1. Take the dog back, assume full ownership and determine the dog`s safe future, or
    2. Assist the buyer to find appropriate new owners.
  11. Only breeders who have acknowledged they comply with this Code of Ethics will be permitted to advertise their kennels and litters in Club publications. Proof of testing of parents must be submitted prior to acceptance of listings.

Approved: August 4, 2018