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Words of Remembrance


By Jane Mazer


Sometimes it happens suddenly,
With no chance to say goodbye.

While other times we are prepared
But still we wonder why.

Why did our best friend have to go
Before it was their time,
To leave their family here on earth
It seems like such a crime.

To know a Beardie - is to Love
One really can't deny,
These shaggy dogs with friendly ways
And grins that just say "Hi".

Just what endears them to mankind?
A 'hump' on recall "No".

Sculpted, moussed or left untouched,
That's not what makes them so.

Just could it be ther zest for life?
Their wondrous "Beardie Look"
Perhaps two paws around the neck
The Beardie Hug - you're hooked.

It's not a lovely head or coat,
Great movement, stunning chest.

Rescued/Pedigreed, no concern,
When they are laid to rest.

Darling puppy, veteran dog,
It really does not matter,
For when they go no matter what,
Our lives they simply shatter.

Perhaps that's why God calls them home
He needs them all to keep
His human flock within His gates,
The ones He calls His sheep.

So place the memories in your heart,
And hold them all fondly.

Our Beardies live in happiness,
To await their family!

Jane and the Barkark Boys
Copyright © 1997 [Jane Mazer]

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