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National Specialty 2024

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August 30, 31, September 1, 2024



Regular and Non-Regular Classes

Ian Copus, ("Rallentando"), Canada
I began showing dogs in 1961, Afghans and Miniature Pinchers in England. I bought my first Beardie in 1979 and my first Beardie champion in 1982: CH. Kimrand Carousel. In 1982 I had my first litter establishing the Rallentando line. My daughter, Rebecca and I, have produced champions in the UK, Canada, USA, and Europe.
I begin judging in 1981 and progressed to Championship level in 1990, judging, in the UK, Holland, USA, and Australia. I have judged the following breeds in the USA, at Championship level: Australian Shepherds, Border Collie’s, Shetland, Sheepdogs, Welsh Corgi (Pembrokeshire), and Poodles. I have written several articles which have been published in many countries. I have organized four Canadian National Specialties, serving on the board of the BCCC as President, Vice President (current position) and successfully lead a group to update and approve a New Code Of Ethics for Beardie Breeders. I have served on the BCCA judges Education Committee and am an approved mentor and presenter for aspiring judges of our breed. I am currently an approved Observer for the CKC Conformation Observer Program 

Sweepstakes and Veteran Sweepstakes

 Linda Aronson, ("Five Fields"), USA
I got my first Beardie in 1987 and bred my first litter in 1989. While mine was a small kennel, I produced seven litters and 16 champions, BISS winners, dogs with herding, obedience, nosework, and agility titles. I studied the breed in both North America and the UK.
I had the pleasure of judging sweeps at many regional specialties, as well as the BCCA national specialty in 2009. I was scheduled to judge sweeps at the BCCC National Specialty in 2013 but had to withdraw due to family commitments.
I was health committee chair for the BCCA in the early 90s and conducted the first Bearded Collie health survey in 1990 and remained on the committee until 1998. In 2003 I was the BCCA Member Of The Year. That same year I resurrected the BCCA health committee which had fallen out of existence and have remained on the committee ever since. Sadly, I lost my last Beardie to a brain tumour at the end of 2022, but remain passionately committed to the health, structure, function, and temperament of the breed. However, I now breed exhibit and love their smaller version, the Havanese, while, being fully cognizant of the differences between the two breeds.