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Herding Resources

The Canadian Kennel Club  Bearded Collie Standard describes beardies as:

"One of the oldest of the British herding breeds, the Bearded Collie has for centuries been the Scottish hill shepherd's dog, used to hunt and gather free-ranging sheep on the Highlands. The breed was also popular as a cattle drover. Both jobs required a hardy constitution and intelligence, initiative, strength, stamina, and speed."

Beardie herding sheep

A number of Beardie owners have long been interested in herding with their Beardies. Since the Canadian Kennel Club has introduced herding as a performance sport, there has been an increasing interest.

Still in the early days of evolution as a sport in Canada, there are frequent questions about herding resources. We hope the listed resources help you in your search:

Herding articles found on this web site (listed at left)

Herding Resources on the web:

Dog Play: Herding With Your Dog
Herding on the Web
American Herding Breed Association
American Kennel Club - Herding
ASCA Stock Dog Program


Herding Video/DVD are available from:

• Downriver Farm
• Twin Creek Farm (Jerry Rowe)


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