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Agility... A Beardie Sport
Caring for Your Beardie


Beardie jumping in agility
Agility is a fun sport... and beardies love it!

Agility Resources

Great links to help you get started!
Intro to Dog Agility This Introduction to Dog Agility is from DogPatch, one of the most comprehensive resources on dog agility on the Internet.
Getting Started with Clean Run One of my  favorite resource for getting started. Not only do the have great links and information, but they have incredible equipment and training gear; and a very informative magazine, Clean Run Magazine.
What are all those obstacles? Want to know more about the obstacles and the courses? Here is a great resource that shows a sample course and explains what all those dog gone obstacles are! Thanks Good Dog Agility Club!
What to expect at an agility trial This is a great little page that explains what to expect at your first agility trial. Thanks Good Dog Agility for putting this together!
What to bring to an agility trial Another great page that talks about what you should bring to an agility trial. Yep, we need lots of stuff!

Agility Organizations

BAD        Beardie Agility Diehards- a Must!
AAC        Agility Association of Canada
CKC        Canadian Kennel Club
ASCA      Australian Shepherd Club of America
CPE        Canine Performance Events, Inc
NADAC    North American Dog Agility Association
USDAA    United States Dog Agility Association

Agility Magazines

Clean Run       Clean Run Magazine
DOGSport       DOGSport Magazine

Agility Equipment & Products

Canadian Agility Equipment   Canadian Agility Equipment based in Armstrong BC                  Canadian Agility , toys and other products for dogs
Cedar & Company               Gifts for pet lovers. (Winnipeg, MB)
Clean Run Store                 Clean Run Magazine & Agility Products. (US)
Hill Agility Equipment           Agility equipment, including contact equipment and jumps.
                                            (Victoria, BC)
Max 200                            Max 200 Dog Obedience and Agility equipment. (US)


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